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Best of Red Rocks - Girls on Tour

On 1st of October 22 we had a group of girls to ride the red rocks. Of course they expected beautiful sceneries and blasting trails... This

is exactly what we offer in the region. But unfortunately the best of red rocks was transformed into "The Best of Wet Rocks"... 🌧️🌧️🌧️

This 5 ladies were not afraid of it, maybe because their origins are from northern europe, so more addicted to rain, moisture and cold weather 😁 and the tour started as planned in Esch sur Alzette, in the Ellergronn.

You know this feeling when you start cycling in the rain, you first avoid all puddles to stay dry and clean... But than comes the moment when you don't care anymore and finally riding the puddles becomes very fun. Especially when you start laughing and you got this kind of hole in your mouth cause your tooth is covered by mud 😜

During this 5hrs out in the nature, the ladies rode around 34km and climbed 640m in very slippery conditions. I have to admit that me and my very spiky enduro tires had some difficulties to stay on the track, so I don't wanna know how hard it was with their skinny XC tires.

Anyway, they got through it and deserved a good beer, tea or coffee... But first we had to clean up the bikes and get some dry clothes.

Thank you very much for coming and we hope to see you again soon ☺️

This tour was under partnership with our friends

See video here:

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