All our tours are customizable and can be adapted to your level and conveniences! If you can't find a tour that fits your expectations, don't hesitate to contact us... we are tour creators and can easily build up your own tour!


In the late 19th century, Luxembourg became one of the most important steel industries in central Europe. Tons of steel were produced during almost 100 years. This is certainly one of the most significant part of Luxembourg's history. Today, the "Minett" offers a unique paradise on bike, borrowing endless single trails and tricky spots along former rail tracks and mines. 

Tour level : 2- 5/5 (large forest paths, single tracks, steep downhills, jumps...)

Adapted bike: XC-AM (100mm - 160mm travel)

Start: Hotel "The Seven" Esch/Alzette


Luxembourg's mine area covers not only open mine fields, but expands to the western boarder in the beautiful forests of the "Tëtelbierg" around the "Fond de Gras". This tour is lost in time with lots of unchanged spots where you can still feel the hard work of minors and have a beer in one of the most unique cafés of Luxembourg "Bei der Giedel" that has been build at the end of the 19th century and still kept unchanged. 

The tour borrows a by local builded DH track where you can have extended pleasure on the jumps and corners. All the obstacles can get around by chicken ways for the less experienced of you!

!!! EXTRA !!! From Mai to September you can include a train ride with the famous "Train 1900", renewed steam train that relays Fond de Gras to Pétange for 10€ extra fees to pay cash at the station! For groups we can arrange a group ticket with extra fare, contact us!

Tour level : 2/5 (large forest paths, single tracks) or 4/5 including the DH track

Adapted bike: XC-AM (100mm - 150mm travel)

Start: Hotel "Threeland" Pétange


Knights should have been bikers... that was my thought when I first saw the incredible trails in the western of Luxembourg. The 7 castles valley is very popular for road cycling tours, but exploring it's woods you might never get back on your road bike again. Virgin forests expanding from the center of the country up to the Ardennes boarders. Get purified by nature...

Tour level : 3/5 (large forest paths, single tracks, technical spots)

Adapted bike: AM (120mm - 140mm travel)

Start: Youthhostel Hollenfels


The largest forest of Luxembourg offers a perfect biking area for all cyclists, from families to top level riders. From the starting point you can easily reach the city center or ride up to Echternach. This tour offers a lot of nature and silence. Perfect to recover after a busy and stressful week. Wellness facilities after the tour in the "Alvisse Parc Hotel"

Tour level : 2/5 (large forest paths, single tracks)

Adapted bike: XC (100mm - 120mm travel)

Start: Hotel "Alvisse Parc Hotel" Dommeldange


There is no better way do discover the mix of modernity and antique by bike. Starting in the heart of Luxembourg, the tour goes from the modern city center to the old remained "Grund" and the best trails in the forests around the capital. The tour offers exceptional sceneries of Luxembourg

Tour level : 2/5 (large forest paths, single tracks)

Adapted bike: XC-AM (100mm - 140mm travel)

Start: Youthhostel Luxembourg City


The probably most decisive battle of WWII has taken place in the "Ardennes" when Hitler wanted to conquer Bastogne with tenting an attack through the unreachable forests and valleys of Luxembourg. Clervaux has been the most impacted city in this attack. As we know this last battle was non sense and has left a lot of scars in our memories. We still find remains of it today...

Tour level : 2/5 (large forest paths, single tracks)

Adapted bike: XC-AM (100mm - 140mm travel)

Start: Camping Clervaux

VERDUN 14-18

WWI has been the most atrocious war ever happens... Millions of people has gone fighting for their country. Especially Verdun was involved in an endless war over month where over 800k soldiers have left their life. Riding there is always a very intense experience, riding through hundreds of bomb craters along the ruins and blockhouses left. This very unique tour brings biking into another level...

Tour level : 4/5 (large forest paths, single tracks, steep descends, tricky spots)

Adapted bike: AM-EN (140mm - 160mm travel)

Start: to be defined...

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