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26/05/25 - Best of Red Rocks

Today, the group of mountain bikers from the Netherlands 🇳🇱 met up with us to explore the Red Rocks of Luxembourg 🇱🇺

After a long session in the Müllerthal yesterday, their legs were already quite tired, so today's tour was a bit shorter than usual.

Nevertheless, we covered a total of 38 km and nearly 800 meters of elevation gain. I tried to take them to the most beautiful spots, but the recent rain made some trails impassable. It was too slippery in places, and we prioritized safety above all.

Even in the technical ⤵️ section around Schifflange, the wet ground posed a challenge for everyone. The roots caught us by surprise, and we had to slow down to better adapt to the terrain.

No falls to report, which is great given the conditions, but unfortunately, we had a derailleur break, cutting the tour short for two of us.

As is tradition, we ended our ride at the Schmëdd restaurant in Ellergronn to enjoy a well-deserved victory beer. 🍻

Thank to for this nice group!

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