Fall is approaching quickly, trails begin to get moisten and slippery. It's definitely time to change tires, put some tacky ones on the bike, and take profit to change the sealant inside the tires.

You just need 2 tires lever, a specific tubeless valve, a pump or air compressor and of course some tire sealant. As my rims are tubeless ready, I don't need to put some specific tape, but if yours are not TR, you must first seal your rims with a tubeles tape that you can find in your local store. The tape helps to close the spokes holes to avoid the sealant leaking through.

My product choice is of course Monkey's Sauce tire sealant available here and Granite Tubeless Valves, also available here

1- First, remove your wheelset from your frame and release on side of the tire from the rim, no matter what side. You should not remove the complete tire. Remove your old inner tube and make sure the tire has no cracks or pinches first. If needed, clean the interior of your tire.

(if you need to put the tape, the operation comes between 1 and 2)

2 - Take your tubeless valve and put it into the hole into rim. The small silicone ring is ment to go to the outside, so take it off first. Once the valve is placed, put the silicone ring from the other side and tighten with the screw. Now the valve is on place.

The right amount of sealant is written on the bottle. According to your tire and riding style you should put more or less sealant. The bottle says 140ml for my setup and the full bottle has 150ml so to not waste the rest, I've putted all the sealant into it. 

3a - Put back the tire until it's at 3/4. Put the sealant in the tire and gently turn the wheel to have that open space on top of it and close the tire.