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Red "Wet" Rocks Mountainbike tour for Sebastian & Friends

Recently we guided this group of very nice colleagues. Sebastian and his friends opted for a mountain bike ride for the team-building. We met them as usual in the forest reserve of Ellergronnd in Esch sur Alzette, on an autumn day, in the rain... not to change.

These guys were well motivated I must admit. It was already raining during our briefing before the departure and yet they didn't see the time to leave to discover the Terres Rouges. It was on our rental bikes that they started the adrenaline-filled adventure.

The pleasure was not long in coming, it only took a few pedal strokes for the participants to express their joy with big smiles. The route chosen was not one of the most difficult as the group was mixed with beginners and some already very experienced. But all in all, the team was united and gave their all to complete the 20km that had been reserved for them.

After some nice trails and a good dose of roots, the group reached the famous canyons or open mines of Schifflange. As always, the participants' faces were filled with amazement. This place marked by the scars of the past does not stop leaving strong impressions on its passage. In the rain, the stop at the bike park was very short, but enough for a few laps on the track for our participants, but the hunger were quickly noticed and we started our last kilometers back in direction of the Schmëdd restaurant.

Once dry, everyone exchanged their muddy clothes for clean ones before heading to the table. The selection of traditional dishes was a great success and everyone found the right dish for their taste. Accompanied by a good beer... or two... the day ended in a good mood and certainly a desire to try the experience again on a warmer day.

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