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Updated: Sep 7, 2020

It has been a long time that I didn't ride the Lake tour in Lultzhausen. But after I have met Dino on Facebook a few days ago, it was decided that I had to go there once again quickly. He has posted his tour in our facebook community group and so awaked my interests to take my bike there. So today I've planned this journey with Laurent, a friend of mine that follows me a lot in my activities. The start was given for 13:30h in Lultzhausen. At my arrival Dino and Laurent where ready to ride when I still had to inflate my front tire a little bit. I guess I need some Monkey's Sauce tire sealant again.

Dino was the guide today, what is unusual when I go riding, but anyway, I will enjoy the tour as follower. And surprisingly he started in the opposite direction as I would do the tour. He thought that way would be better... why not! We learn something new every day.

After a boring start on asphalt and parkings, we finally saw the trails after a few kilometers riding. As usual, the northern of Luxembourg is covered with slate and the climbs heavy. I noticed that I forgot how hard it can be. Despite my eBike I have to admit that today was not for me. Some heavy climbs I had to get down and push the walk assistance on my bike. Dino speeded up full throttle, I don't know what he ate this morning? But he is full of power!

The loop we made went on the west side of the lake... the side I do not know so well. This is wonderful so I can discover new trails. Some peaks climbed very high but we rided on a ridge that follows the lake mostly on the mid level of the hills. We saw the water at any turn and this is a great feeling. Of course we stopped by some times to make nice pictures, but as Laurent had to be back on time, we had to hurrry up and definitely could not finish the initial 38km loop, so we cutted off a km 25 to get back to the cars.

This short afternoon ride was very pleasant and will definitely be ridden once again very soon!

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