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e-Bike Tour in the RedRocks Luxembourg

This Saturday we organised an e-Bike tour in the redrocks of Luxembourg. The weather was good, and the sun accompanied our participants for a duration of 3 hours throughout this tour which was a little less than 20km.

The departure was announced at 10 am at the usual car park of the Ellergronn forest reserve in Esch sur Alzette. This place is perfectly suited for our cycling tours as it is at the foot of the mountain bike trails or the cycle path that runs along a large part of the redrocks.

Our 7 participants joined us from all over. We had people from Germany, Denmark and Luxembourg but the nations were much more mixed with Portuguese, Spanish and Rwandans.

This great team came to discover the area and have a bit of fun, and that's exactly what we had in program for them at the start. I saw big smiles on their faces, which promised to be a great day.

A technical problem on one of the bikes almost turned into a disaster for one of our participants. The bike's controller that controls the central unit did not work, which in plain English meant... The electric bike becomes a regular bike that you have to push with your own legs. Of course I wasn't going to let her down, so I gave her my bike and set off on the ride with a faulty bike. The climbs were an ordeal with an unassisted 26kg bike, but I kept smiling and didn't give up.

The first part of the tour runs along the bike path from Esch sur Alzette to Rumelange, all in a forest marked by the beautiful autumn colours. The thousands of dead leaves on the ground created a magical carpet on which we rode our bikes.

It was the perfect moment to take some pictures.

A few kilometres further on we reach Rumelange and its mining museum. The wooded part ends here and we now enter the area of the open cast mines. We make a short stop for a short introduction to the history of the redrocks.

The landscape that awaited us amazed many of the participants. Some of them had never seen such imposing rocks . Even the locals are amazed because although they live in the region, they rarely visit this area and discover a heritage for them still unknown.

The tour continues perfectly well, we are right on time because at 1pm we have an appointment at the Brasserie Schmëdd to taste some good traditional dishes. It is midday when we arrive in the bike park in Schifflange. Last destination before we start the return to Ellergronn and join the restaurant.

The morning ended perfectly well and in good company. We had a lot of fun and some of us went home with good impressions and memories.

We would like to thank everyone for attending and sharing this great time with us.

We are looking forward to your next visit to Luxembourg.

This tour has been supported by

Which provided us their wonderful eBikes

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