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I agree it's not easy to find out in this jungle of spare parts on the market. I hope I can help you out with my tests and opinions.

As you may know, my philosophy is to sell only parts I am sure about their quality, and to be convinced I test a lot by myself or take advice by trustful people.

Today let me introduce this spanish brand for brake pads. Galfer is well known in the MX industry or Moto GP, where they are listed on the top of the leading brands on the market. Since 1952 the produce and bring brake pads to the limits!

For bicycles they have 4 kinds of brake pads with specific composition:

Black: long lasting basic brake pads, perfect for occasional rides.

Green: Pro for strong braking power in all the situations.

Red: specific wet compound for muddy days out

Purple: extreme breaking power for eBikes or whom likes to fly over the bar.

I'm using the purple ones of course for my eBike. A short time ago I wrote on Facebook I'll try the pads and make a statement after having ridden them for a while, and today I'm ready to tell you more about it.

My bike came with Shimano Saint brakes and the pads with the fins. So normally they would have a max of brake power. I had no complains honestly, but as the pads needed to be changed, I took a look onto my suppliers products and so I took a pair of Galfer Brakes. After reading a lot of statements on the net, I thought this need to be tested and compared.

When I first pulled the brake in front of my garage, I thought: OK this looks like to be very strong. As the pads needed to wear a little bit before showing their real power, I decided to rides some KM before writing down something. And now, after a few hundreds of KM I'm ready to tell my opinion.

THESE PADS ARE AWESOME! I got no other words... I thought that the fins on the Shimano are must have but these without the fins are twice as much more powerful. For fun I gave my bike to friends on a parking and asked them if they would like to become frightened on the bike, so I asked them to give 2 pedal strokes and pull the brakes. The reaction was always the same. Stunning eyes and the magic word: WOOOOW! This is power.

This power never stops... wet, mud, downhill... there is no limit for these pads and they do their job at 200% all the time.

This is why I really recommend Galfer Brake Pads for a cheap upgrade to your bike without spending hundreds of euros to change all the brakes. And if you mix Galfer pads with Galfer discs than you will have a set like a new pair of powerful brakes.

Find the product here:

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