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Biketours is a professional tour agency in Luxembourg. Since 2013 we are taking cyclists to the most beautiful spots of our tiny country. No matter if dirt or road, your tour will be exclusively tailored by our experienced team.

We also offer professional coachings, like MTB school for adults and kids, where we work on the mental and technical aspect of cycling.

Since June 2021 biketours entered a strong colaboration with in order to expand it's services and become a more professional entity on the market.



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Luxembourg MTB Professional Guide


It all started with passion when Gregory Bianco decided to mind his own business on bike. He started cycling in '94 when he was only 14yrs old. At that time, mountainbiking was at the beginnings in Europe and his long experience makes him today as an expert in knowledge.

As he studied tourism his dream was to become a guide one day, but getting older and with 2 kids, the dream slowly fades away... and so he came to the idea to become a local guide, joining his cycling knwoledge to it's professional knowledge.

Next to Gregory work a lot of specifically selected freelance guides, all with several biking skills and a good sense of humor to make your tour unforgettable!

Thank you. We'll get back to you soon!


Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday:

09:00 - 18:00

Week-ends on demand

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