MTB Coachings in Luxembourg
MTB Coachings in Luxembourg
MTB Coachings in Luxembourg

Our Trail Coaching lessons are based on more than 25yrs of mountainbike experience. We provide very intensive coachings involving the most important skills to know on the trail.

We offer a package of 3 courses of 5 hours each. In total, the whole lessons will take more or less 15h of intensive MTB knowledge.

1st Course:

This course is a pure theory and bike set up lesson. We talk about all the know how and techniques needed onto the trails. All your questions will be answered here. We also talk about bike parts such as tires, brakes, fork.... at the and a bike set up will be done on your own bike. This includes the fitting of your handlebar, brake levers and shifters. Bike suspensions will be checked and configured at your weight and your riding style. This lesson takes place at your home or other place, no need to cycle.

2nd Course:

This may be the most intense lesson of the 3. In a half day of technical training, we will see almost all techniques needed to ride the trails safely. This lesson takes place in the woods on a MTB track that involves steep downhills and uphills, turns, roots, stumps... when you master this trail perfectly you will be ready to ride everywhere. This lesson will only be hold by dry weather.

3rd Course:

The last lesson is more a fine tuning of the first 2 lessons. Depending on your skills we will can make a recap of lesson 2 or maybe go beyond and try some jumps, drops or even a proper bunny hop. This course takes place into a spot to be defined according to your needs. Bike Park Boy Konen not excluded.

Our lessons are video assisted to show you the errors and give you visual advices. The period goes over a season. Our policy is to practice a lot before taking the next lesson in order to improve and understand what you've learned. Lesson 1 can start during the winter and next lessons from April to October according to the weather forecasts.

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