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Learn the basics of mountain biking in theory and in practice on the most beautiful single trails of Luxembourg. Chose between the 3 classes or simply buy the whole bundle and start biking now.

From 125€


This lesson is the starting point for a successful coaching program. We go through all the theory and you got plenty of time for all  your questions. Learn how to corner or to bunny up in theory before you start practising. At the end of the session we will also set up your handlebar and suspensions according to your weight and riding style!

Duration: +-4h
Price: 99€


The basics are the most important skills for riding your bike safe. Learn how to brake or corner propperly before you start acting on the trails. Good basics will bring you way more fun and safety on the trails and let you have a 100% of control of your bike. Stop doing it wrong! This course is held in the bike park Boy Konen, best place in Luxembourg to acheive skills.

Duration: +-4h
Price: 99€


When trail riding becomes a pain in the ass because you are not able to master jumps or rocky section, MTB gets frustrating and somehow dangerous too. This course is held in the Red Rocks where you will find all kind of situations from the fun single trail to the steep downhill. Get over your fears and learn how to clear these situations con brio!

Duration: +-4h
Price: 99€


This bundle includes all 3 the courses we are offering. It is dedicated to people that just began to bike and need solid backgrounds to evolve qucikly and safe, or maybe riders that did not evolve much in time and need to be coached in order to correct their mistakes, develop their skills and mental situation. This is also a perfect gift for your friend or beloved person!

Duration: +-12h

Price: 275€


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