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From 1 to 4 people (more on demand)


  • Suspensions Setting

  • Steering adjustment

  • Check-Up of your bike


  • Bike



This course is particularly interesting for new riders and for those who still have difficulties to understand the basic principles of mountain biking.

The theoretical part will allow you to ask all the questions you want and especially to understand exactly what the different techniques are used for. Thanks to this course you will lose less time if you choose to follow module 2 ("Coaching for beginners"), because a large part of your questions will already have been answered and we will be able to concentrate on the essential, the riding.

Your bike will be inspected to see if it is in optimal conditions for safe riding. The parts of your bike will be explained to you so that you can understand the proper functioning of your machine and adjust it to your needs.

At the end of the lesson we will adjust your suspension according to your weight.

This lesson is essential to get started in this sport which requires a lot of technical and practical knowledge.

Good knowledge of the subject is the key for a successful riding. This course offers you the opportunity to learn all about it, from riding skills to the usual biker's slang. At the end we will set up your bike according to your weight and style.

Price: 125€

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