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max. 4 people per coaching


  • Bike

  • Helmet (mandatory)

  • Knee protection (recommended)

  • Water bottle

  • Bike gloves



  • 3 blocks of 4 hours, equals 12 hours of training experience

  • Adjustment of the suspensions



  • Bike



This extensive workshop will allow you to understand all the basics of MTB riding. We will spend 12 hours together discussing, adjusting and riding, so that you will be ready to ride the single trails like a pro!

This workshop is composed of 3 blocks of 4 hours each:


Block 1 - the theory:


  • general practice discussions

  • questions / answers

  • analysis of your bike

  • customized advice

  • suspension adjustments

  • adjustment of the riding position


Block 2 - the basics:


  • braking

  • turns

  • crossings

  • Pumptrack

  • Bike Park


Block 3 - the advanced:


  • jumps

  • drops

  • steep slopes and descents

  • techniques to manage heavy uphills

  • blocked passages



The 3 blocks of 4 hours are to be booked separately with the instructor according to your convenience.

For your online reservation, you only need to choose the date and time for the first block (the theory). The other dates can be booked later by contacting the instructor directly.

Learn the basics of mountain biking in theory and in practice on the most beautiful single trails of Luxembourg. This coaching is composed of 3 blocks: 1) theory, 2) basics (beginner level), 3) advanced.

Price: 330€

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