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Biketours RedRocks Trail
Biketours RedRocks Trail

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Luxembourg Bike Guided Tour
Luxembourg Bike Guided Tour

Discover the Red Rocks by bike or ebike with a professional guide!

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from 1 person


  • Water bottle or flask

  • Small snack

  • Gloves

  • Spiked shoes (or hiking shoes)

  • Backpack



Guided tour (duration: +/- 3 hours) in the old open pit mines.



  • Bike rental (MTB or e-bike)

  • Helmet

  • Beverages and meals



The Red Rocks have so much trails to offer that even local people don't get bored to cycle them every week.

The mining area is a playground for all the mountainbikers from everywhere. It has beautiful single trails all along former train tracks and open pit mines.


Before to reach the mines, the tour will lead through the forest of Ellergronn where a long climb will bring you to one of the first nice tracks. A twisty trail brings you down to a series of switchbacks where you will challenge yourself to clear this stage.


The next trail brings you to the lake Liegeois where you can have a short rest, before you'll start to climb the most difficult hill.

Next you will find a downhill oriented trail with banked turns, a jump and also a drop into the forest!

After clearing this section the tour follows a part of cycling lane to reach Rumelange to get to an other nice tricky single train down the the railways of the musée des mines.

In Rumelange you will continue up to Kayl into the "Leiffräschen" and it's historical monument of Santa Barbara, after what you will enter into a more difficult enduro section that goes down a single trail along a ridge with camber. Rocks and stones make this section very tricky.

Once you climbed up the long hill you finally reach the epic Red Rocks pits! Now you'll find only single trails, rocks, jumps and drops for the next few kilometers. It's now time to enjoy the end of the tour before you'll go back to the hotel and drink a cold beer.

Our experienced guide is able to adapt the tour to your skills and ensure you an unforgettable ride out!

Discover the most beautiful spots of the Red Rock lands. An experienced guide will show you the breathtaking panoramic views that the old iron mines have to offer. Ride a Mountain Bike (MTB) and get to the heart of the history behind Luxmbourg's wealth.


From 59€

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